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Certifying Membership

To become a Certifying Member of Truly Named WGI ©, you must be a member of WGI. Click here to join. You must also be a Participating Member of Truly Named WGI ©. Click here to become a Participating Member.

Certifying Members pledge that specific waterlily cultivars are labeled are true to name. This can be for some or all of the named varieties you offer. You must submit a list of cultivars that you certify together with a picture of each. (These can be watermarked or copyrighted across the face, as long as the lily is recognizable, if piracy is a concern.) If no image is available, detailed provenance can be accepted. These lists and images/or provenance are linked from the Truly Named WGI © Directory. It is not required that all varieties offered be certified.

If you do not grow your own plants, in order to certify specific varieties, please provide provenance and either your images of the plants you receive or images provided by the actual growers. If the grower is already in the program, we can link to their images without you resending them. To see Certifying Members click here.

To assure correctness, pictures are compared to print references and the image galleries on the Victoria-Adventure web site, those galleries verified by numerous experts. If there is a question about any given cultivar, you may be requested to submit additional images and/or provenance and/or review by acknowledged experts. To check your cultivars against the galleries (strongly suggested) click here.

Cultivars meeting the requirements above are entitled to have the Truly Named WGI © tag attached to the plants. Tags are provided at cost by WGI. Those cultivars may also display "Truly Named WGI © Certified" in catalogs and web sites.

Copy the information in the box below and paste it into the email that appears when you click this link -
Complete the form and send.

Truly Named WGI Certifying Membership


Business Name:

Address: (If the same as your Participating Membership, you don't need to enter this or the next five lines.)
Email address:
Web site:
Type of distributor: (Grower, wholesaler, retailer)

I hereby certify that I sell or otherwise distribute the following true to name cutlivars:

(The list of waterlilies you wish to certify may be typed here or attached as a separate file. Please be sure to provide an image* of your plants or detailed provenance with each name. If you are not the grower of the waterlilies you certify, please provide the names of growers you obtain them from. If they are not Truly Named WGI © Certifying Members whose certified cultivars appear on this web site, please provide images and provenance from the growers.)

My return policy is:

Sending this email constitutes my signature.

* Please send images minimum 400 pixels and maximum 600 pixels wide. Filenames should be the name of the variety not preceded by "N." or "Nymphaea". Use underscore_in place of spaces. As an alternative, you may provide links to images already on the Internet as long as they are of your plants and meet the above criteria. You may copyright or watermark images as long as the waterlilies are clearly recognizable.

You will be sent confirmation of your Certifying Membership and codes to access its private web page as soon as your cultivars can be checked and placed on the web site. If reports of inaccuracies should be received about your business, you will have the opportunity to respond to them privately with WGI.

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