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Lone Star Aquatic Nursery

13101 S. Dowling Rd. . College Station, TX 77845
Telephone: 979-779-6600 . Fax: 979-690-7993
Email: lonestaraquatics2006@msn.com
Grower, wholesale

certifies that these varieties offered for sale are true to name:
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Hardy Waterlilies

N. 'Arc-en-ciel'

N. 'Barbara Dobbins'

N. 'Charlene Strawn'

N. 'Clyde Ikins'

N. 'Colorado'

N. 'Innerlight'

N. 'Joey Tomocik'  

N. 'Mangkala Ubol' 

N. 'Mayla'

N. 'Patio Joe'

N. 'Perry's Baby Red'

Exclusive wholesale distributor of

N. 'Pink Ribbon'

N. 'Pink Sparkle'

N. 'Red Spider' 

N. 'Starbright'

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