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Report of Receipt of Incorrectly Named Waterlilies

If you buy or receive incorrectly named waterlily cultivars, you are encouraged to return them to the seller/distributor. We also ask that you report errors from any source to WGI, including resolution offered by the seller. If the seller/distributor is a Truly Named WGI © Member, multiple complaints will result in a review by WGI and appropriate action will be taken. This can include removal from the program. If a non-member, multiple complaints will prevent future participation in the program unless and until the seller/distributor in question can verify that their practices are in compliance with program guidelines.

Copy the information in the box below and paste it into the email that appears when you click this link -
Complete the form and send.
Please provide all information requested. Your report will be acknowledged but no other
communication will result from completing the form.

Truly Named WGI Report of Receipt of Incorrectly Named Waterlilies

Your name:

Your address:

Email address:

Name of the waterlily purchased:

Description of what you received:

From - Business Name:


Did you return the waterlily?

What resolution was offered by the seller/distributor?

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