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Application for Registration of Nymphaea (Waterlily) Cultivars

Help with the Form


1) The name should be entered here in capital and lower case letters. If the name is written in non‑roman script, please add the roman transcription or transliteration.


2 & 3) Indicate these by circling the ones appropriate


4, 5 & 6) The Originator is the person who first recognizes that the waterlily has particular merit or value. This can be breeder, hybridizer, raiser or discoverer. Please give the year of recognition as closely as possible and the address of the Originator if available.


7 & 8) The Nominant is the first person to give the waterlily its name. If this is the same person as the Originator, so indicate. If different please give the Nominant's address if available.


9 & 10) If this waterlily was introduced to cultivation or to the trade by someone other than one of the above, please provide that information here.


11 through 15) This is you, or your firm or organization. Even if this is one of the above, please fill this section out completely.


16 & 17) This must be a printed publication with generally available distribution and can include books, technical magazines and catalogs, dated at least to the year.


18 & 19) If yes, please include in the details issuing authority and grant number or, in the case of a trade designation ("selling name"), the name being used and by whom.


20 & 21) A Standard can be a specimen or illustration which demonstrates the diagnostic characteristics of the cultivar. If duplicates exist, please also indicate their location in 21.


About The Plant


Parentage: Please give the complete names of parents if known.


Please give required dimensions in centimeters.


Please give written descriptions of colors and, if available, also provide references to the RHS Colour Charts, giving the edition if known.


Possible terms for flower shapes include stellate, cuplike, flat, round, cuplike then stellate, stellate then flat, wide petals, narrow petals, etc.


Possible terms for leaf shapes include round, ovate, heart‑shaped, etc. Possible terms for sinuses include open, closed, slightly open, overlapped, etc. Possible terms for margins include smooth, denate, convoltued, undulating, etc. Possible terms for lobes include pointed, straight, divergent, etc.


Accompanying photos:


Please provide with your application three good quality color images, the first of the entire plant with one pad reversed, the second of the flower, the third an image of your choice that shows the best characteristics of the cultivar. The description and images will be included in the Registry Section of the WGI website and linked from appropriate pages on the Victoria-Adventure website. It will also be included in a printed Supplement to the WGI Register.


A color illustration submitted with your application is also acceptable.


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