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 From Editor-in-Chief
Charles B. Thomas

When you join WGI, you will want to read the first exciting edition of the Members Only WGI Journal right away. Here you find out what’s new or newly discovered. Learn water garden “secrets.” We invite you not only to read our articles, but to respond to them.

After you’ve read this first edition’s compelling stories, think about other subjects you’d like to read about in future issues. After all, WGI exists to benefit its members. Letting the editor know what subjects interest you the most helps to determine what appears in the future.

We feature water gardener contributors, amateurs through to professionals, from around the globe sharing what they’ve learned from personal experience and research. Do you know something others may be eager to learn? If so, please email the WGI Journal with your story. Don’t be shy if you’re not an experienced writer. It’s okay to contribute your story as a “diamond in the rough.” Our editorial staff will gladly polish it for you.

The Journal team includes correspondents on all continents where waterlilies grow. They contribute stories that they develop. Right now they anxiously await hearing what you’d like to know about water gardening anywhere that it exists.

As a sixth grader cub reporter on the school newspaper, the first lesson I learned was to be accurate. Remembering that lesson for over half a century serves me well whenever I write. I always look for accuracy. Accuracy serves this publication as a guiding light.

Nevertheless, we know that errors are bound to happen. Even the world’s top newspapers regularly print corrections to their articles. Please tell this editor if you ever spot an inaccuracy in a Journal story. Necessary corrections will be published so that readers are fully and accurately informed. We aim to disseminate the most interesting, accurate, and helpful information possible.

The art of water gardening allows for opinion. People have different opinions, even conflicting opinions, on the subject. Yet more than one opinion may be right depending on a particular time, location, conditions, and/or situation.

WGI supports the outstanding work being accomplished daily by an array of water garden organizations. We aim to complement their efforts, and not to compete with them. We publicize their activities with this special WGI web site so that they may easily learn from one another. Year around, traveling water gardeners may check to see what special activities are available where they plan to visit.

The important thing to remember is that WGI, including its Journal, is you, and it’s here to serve you.when you join. We earnestly encourage your active participation, both to read and to contribute your thoughts.


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