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Central America

Panamá is legendary for its big game fishing but Carla
and Angel show us a slightly different version of the sport. 

Gutter Fishing in Panamá's Western Highlands

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by Carla Black and Angel Rodriguez, Volcán, Chiriquí, República de Panamá
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Angel has a special fish herding technique which is particularly effective. He sets the net in the ditch as far from him as he can, and scoots his feet up to it. The fish swim ahead and are trapped in the net. Then he quickly lifts it out and slides the fish into the bucket.

My method isn't bad, but not as good as herding. I grab a piece of hardware wire and quickly slip it in the water towards a good fish hiding place, such as vegetation hanging over deep water. I rush the screen to the bucket before even checking for fish so they don't wiggle off.

This is the fruit (or rather, fish) of 15 minutes labor, mostly thanks to Angel's technique. 

These are closeups of our Gutter Fish of Western Panamá. If you recognize them, we'd be happy to know what they are! The whiskers on the catfish are a give away.

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