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 Koi expert Pam Spindola,
Tustin, California USA, reports on -

The AKCA 2006 Seminar Pond Tour

 Tim & Denis Moeller Pond, Elma, New York
Text by the Moellers - Images by Pam Spindola - Click to enlarge

Koi and waterlilies
living in harmony

Our pond is four years old, but as many fellow ponders know we started out with a smaller pond first. When we saw the beauty of the fish, flowers, and waterfalls, we got the urge to enlarge it just a bit. Our overall goal was to improve the most important factor, a healthy clean environment for our fish.

I have tried in many ways to make the pond a bit better as many fellow ponders have done, and know you understand when I say it is almost a never ending project, but the beauty and pleasure is worth the time and effort. The one thing I wish I would have done first is join the NFKPC because many of our members, meetings, and speakers have been a great source of information.

SIZE: 25 x 40 x 3' to 5'
VOLUME: 28,000 gallons
FISH: koi (12) 6"-20", golden orfe (6) 6" to 18", goldfish (plain, shubunkins, comets) (14) 4"-8"
FILTRATION: AquaDyne 8.8 biofilter, veggie filter, waterfalls, biofilter
PUMPS: 5,600 gph to biofilter and veggie filter, 4,800 GPH to waterfalls
PLANTS: Waterlilies, lotus, bog, marginal and many other oxygenating plants

This big pond has room for everyone!


 Marginal and bog plants

Introduction and
Buffalo and Erie Botanical Gardens, Lackawanna, New York

Ed Shelp Jr. Pond, Grand Island in the Niagara River
Christine Wilkolaski Pond, Orchard Park, New York
Greg & Diane Young Pond, Holland, New York

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