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 Koi expert Pam Spindola,
Tustin, California USA, reports on -

The AKCA 2006 Seminar Pond Tour

 Ed Shelp Jr. Pond, Grand Island in the Niagara River
Text by Ed Shelp Jr. - Images by Pam Spindola - Click to enlarge

Welcome to the Shelp pond. Upon arrival you are greeted by a great 12 X12 foot gazebo that is perched on top of a retaining wall offering an amazing view of the 18,000 gallon koi pond. The top pond is the largest measuring 23 feet by 20 feet and is 6 feet deep. The pond has a cantilevered deck that juts over the pond. Koi fanciers can stand on this deck while they watch the koi swim through the pond and then under their feet. Across the deck of this pond are waterfalls which run 18 feet and fall 5 feet into the top pond. There are about 20 large koi 12" to 26" of assorted colors and styles.

Next comes another 3 foot waterfall which follows a 15 foot creek into a lotus bog. Then the water takes a quick turn and continues another 15 feet and drops an additional 3 feet emptying into a peanut shaped pond. In this pond are an assortment of hardy waterlilies, lotus, water lettuce, and much more. There are also 24 koi in this pond darting among the myriad of plants. The water from this pond flows through a little creek under a bridge into the basket skimmer filter. This water empties into a large 5 X 4 X 5 foot sump, along with water coming from the two bottom drains. The water from this system then goes through a cleaning process which is powered by a 1 Hp Sea Horse pump. Also used is a 4.5 foot ionizer and a 2.2 bead filter.

Amazing plants and flowers accent the beautiful ponds

Koi exhibit vivid colors

Above - Lower pond has an assortment of water plants, bog plants and koi.

Left - multi-tiered waterfall
Center - Top pond



Introduction and
Buffalo and Erie Botanical Gardens, Lackawanna, New York
Tim & Denis Moeller Pond, Elma, New York
Christine Wilkolaski Pond, Orchard Park, New York
Greg & Diane Young Pond, Holland, New York

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