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 Koi expert Pam Spindola,
Tustin, California USA, reports on -

The AKCA 2006 Seminar Pond Tour

 Christine Wilkolaski Pond, Orchard Park, New York
Text by Christine Wilkolaski - Images by Pam Spindola - Click to enlarge


Huge stone frog makes a statement
at one end of the pond

Clematis entwined in an arbor frame the tranquil pond

Small waterfall adds aeration for koi but does not disturb waterplants 

I always wanted my own pond so in August of 2002 I traded an above ground pool for a pond. I started digging my oddly shaped heart pond to find shale. With a backhoe, the pond was dug 2.5 feet in the shallow end near the spitters (a frog and a turtle) to 3.5 feet deep in its deepest end near the biofalls. I have a shelf about a foot down going completely around the pond. I have various water irises, a hawthorne, and several other varieties. I use floating pots for taro and umbrella plants. Many water hyacinths and water lettuce plants float freely on the surface. I also have various plants in the biofalls. Six waterlilies colored white, red, and yellow are dispersed on the bottom.

My skimmer box is well hidden using real and artificial rocks. I used about two pallets of rock to surround the edge of the pond. I have a 5 foot UV light hidden under hostas and clematis. All the electrical and water lines were run underground from the house, a half acre away.

Eight koi call this home the nicer months of the year. Last year a self feeder was installed. It did not take the koi long to learn how it works.

My pond was built in front of a 30 by 40 foot white picket fenced-in vegetable garden. Hostas and daylilies set the perimeter of the pond to my lawn. Lastly an arbor was built to act as an entrance to my oasis. Trumpet vines, clematis, and morning glories greet you.

Koi and waterplants enjoy each other's company in the Wilkolaski pond.

Lotus and koi chimes add an interesting artistic feature

 Water plants
floating in a
foam ring


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