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 Koi expert Pam Spindola,
Tustin, California USA, reports on -

The AKCA 2006 Seminar Pond Tour

 Greg & Diane Young Pond, Holland, New York
Text by the Youngs - Images by Pam Spindola - Click to enlarge

Natural earth pond

The Young's 9,000 gallon pond

We have three bodies of water on our 13 acre parcel of land. Pond #1 is our 9000 gallon koi pond/water garden. It is made from gunnite which was commercially installed by Leisure Craft pools. The pond incorporates a single bottom drain with a skimmer. It is approximately 19 feet by 18 feet by 4 feet in depth with a 1 foot deep plant shelf. The falls with its stream, along the bog garden, are all liner based. This pond is home to seven Japanese koi and a number of marginal plants located on the shelves in the pond as well as in the bog itself.

We have two separate circulation systems. One uses a skimmer housed ½ HP Tsurumi pump which feeds an Aquadyne 4.4 bead filter, passing through a Zapp Pure ZP-20 UV light which in turn feeds the "biofalls" The bottom drain feeds a 1/3 Hp Dragon pump, which feeds a long stream designed to function as a trickle filter system. The stream drains into an adjacent 8 foot by 11 foot bog garden, which then flows back into the pond. A small electric fence surrounds the pond to protect the koi from the return of a mink that previously cleaned the pond of all its inhabitants in October of 2002.

Pond #2 is a half acre natural earth pond, installed in 1984. The maximum depth is 12 feet, with a volume of over one million gallons of water. It was designed with a beach area that does not exceed three feet in depth. A waterslide is mounted to a scratch built dock. There is a floating dock in the center of the pond to serve as an "island" of rest. The pond has twin aerators and a floating scratch fountain which uses a 1 Hp Tsurumi submersible pump, a wooden frame for buoyancy, a PVC nozzle, and three 120 volt underwater lights for night viewing.

The pond is home to loads of waterlilies, irises (including Louisianas), minnows, perch, large mouth bass, crawfish, frogs, and pond snails. This pond has no springs feeding it, relying instead on ground water runoff. To prevent the water level from dropping in the hot dry months, it is fed by a gravity flow system that uses about 400 feet of 1.25 diameter PVC, which has its origins in a third pond, a one-third acre natural earth reservoir pond located in the back of the woods.

The automatic koi feeder hangs over pond and hungry koi

Electric fence protects koi from predators

Rock placed for perfect enjoyment of pond and plants


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