Gallery of My Journey to the Lost World,
Venezuela's Roraima Tepui

by Fernando Santos - Click images to enlarge

We spent our first day crossing the Gran Sabana ...

Kukenan and Roraima Tepuies

Orchid at base camp

The second day we ... headed to base camp where we spent the night
in front of the massive Roraima walls.

Looking up the wall


The next day brought us into and through tropical rain forests ...



< Bromeliads | Ferns >



In the rain forest

Clusia sp. flower ^ and fruit v

 When we reached the top, it was almost like walking on the moon.
Growing among the rocks were strange plants.

Drosera sp.

Turtle Rock at the summit

Orchids among the rocks

Epidendrum sp.

Heliamphora nutans

Black frog
Oreophrynella quelchii

Jasper Falls cascade over the semi-precious stone jasper


^ Stegolepis guianensis >

< Brocchinia tatei



< The Jacuzzis

A variety of plants grows in the pools

Utricularia humboltii

Graminea sp.

Orecthante sp.

< My Journey to the Lost World,
Venezuela's Roraima Tepui

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