War with the Weedlilies!

by KK Agrawal, Jaipur, India
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In my last article about my visit to Suman Nursery, I mentioned that the owner had brought some waterlilies from Bangkok. I bought a few plants from him. It was a pleasure to see the new blooms and their colorful leaves. The new leaves of one of them unfolded copper in color with maroon stripes. The blooms had their own grace in blue colors. I had a very nice time seeing them grow. Time went by, seasons changed, growth slowed a bit but did not stop completely.

Warmer days arrived, making the plants active again. The growth was much faster than that of hardy lilies. Soon the lilies started flowering. One day I noticed a few small leaves and thought the plants had started multiplying. It was a joy to have a few more plants since good single plants are risky. A few days later more small leaves appeared. After some time I noticed small leaves quite far away from the plant.   
"This cannot not be a sucker -- this is a seedling" was my observation. Again a joy that my plants had seeded and I did not notice, and the seeds were growing on their own. What a site!!! The seedlings grew very fast and were all around. Soon I noticed that a few seedlings were growing in the pots of hardy lilies. This was the time when my joy started dwindling.
I pulled the seedlings out from the other pots. In a few days I again saw small seedlings coming out all over. Now my worry was ten-fold. Every now and then my job was to pull out the seedlings. It seemed as if I was waging a war with an enemy which attacked with wave after wave of soldiers. These were the worst plants I had ever grown. They took the precious hours which I could have spent in tending the others. The war slowed down only when the temperature started going down.

Now, I am waiting for the warmer days ahead to resume the war. I hope to win this time and end the war because I have also thrown out the adults for the good. Indeed this is a weedlily and not a waterlily. We must better understand some of these monster plants!!!!!  

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