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Primlarp Chukiatman Photo by Byoung Sup Ghill

Five Days at
Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 Part 1
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by Squadron Leader Primlarp Chukiatman
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Foothills rubber forest

Royal Pavilion Zone

Homage Garden
For the overall picture I recommend that you start with the Royal Pavilion Zone which is decorated with small shrubs on the long open court, separating "Royal Flora Ratchaphruek" into two zones. This garden decorates a flat area and extends to the foothills. 

Sculpture in Homage Garden
In the Royal Pavilion Zone you see an Homage Garden decorated with sculptures designed by many artists from all around the world. In the background you see a two story building called the Royal Pavilion or Haw Khum Luang in Thai. It is designed in the Thai Lanna contemporary style (Lanna - the northern Thai style). The first floor exhibits are the agricultural works conceived by our beloved King; the second floor shows frescos painted about His Majesty King Bhumipol Adulyadej's work and other art and crafts.  


Friends in front of the Royal Pavilion

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Between Royal Pavilion and Homage Garden is the Bhodi Tree for the King. All people who would like to share the celebration of the beloved King can sign their names on a copper leaf and hang it on the tree to show their loyalty to the King.

Leaves of our Loyalty to the King


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