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Primlarp Chukiatman Photo by Byoung Sup Ghill

Five Days at
Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2006 Part 1
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by Squadron Leader Primlarp Chukiatman
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When you stand on the second floor of the Royal Pavilion you can look back at the Bhodi Tree for the King, and you can see most of "Royal Flora Ratchaphruek" area. At the left are the outdoor exhibitions of the International Garden and the Corporate Garden. In this area you can visit the Orchid Pavilion that shows beautiful orchids from all around the world. 

< From the second floor looking back to the Bhodi Tree

Left side of the Exhibition

Rare orchids in the Orchid Pavilion

The right hand side is the foothill area which displays a lot of different styles of gardens. State of the art in horticulture includes the Thai Tropical Garden, Grower House, foothills vegetable garden, Shade Paradise, a cluster of greenhouses (Biotech, Desert Plants, Hydroponics and Temperate), Tropical Dome and Waterlily Garden*. After passing these areas you come to the lake side, which features the fountain of light and sound 18.00 - 18.45 every day. Then you return to the Homage Garden again to go to the exit area, which has the indoor exhibitions, garden shop and souvenir shop.

View from foothill garden

^ Flowers in Temperate Greenhouse

Lake side area

Night time in the Corporate Garden

< Twilight in front of the
Royal Pavilion

The images above show the overall physical landscape of "Royal Flora Ratchaphruek" 2006. I will go into detail about the High Light area with pictures by Mr. Pairat Songpanich and other friends in the next issue. 

* At the time I visited, the waterlily garden had few flowers. Some were still in winter dormancy. Even 'Mohiren', the Japanese lotus (displayed in the Japanese international garden zone) was not blooming. I think that it cannot adapt to the hot climate.

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