The Samaan Grove Wetland System

Wetlands Inhabitants
The Development Team & Friends
by Kevin Kenny - Click images to enlarge

Ian Lambie and author Richard ffrench on the
boardwalk at Petit Trou Lagoon

Richard Hadeed, craftsman par excellence,
inspecting his work on the well

Bob Dugan, EDSA, admiring one of the few
remaining coppers found on the estate

John Otway, Design Consultant on Samaan Grove

Mike Kenny Els (partially hidden), Phil Keb,
West Paces Hotel Group LLC (yellow shirt),
Fazir Khan, Alpha Engineering (back to us),
Bob Dugan, EDSA (cap)

Handle Anthony (white cap), the main plumbing
contractor, and Amateus Ottley, "Monty" (white
shirt), Alpha Engineering Ltd., supervisor
who handled all the on-site construction

Kevin Kenny and John Camacho, Alpha Engineering,
at a critical meeting

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