Lotus Tour of China 2007

by Nola and Michael Fenech
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A display pond created by a student
in Kunming Park >


Michael Fenech

< On the lotus lakes --
a local in one of the small boats they use to get around

Pink sky


Lotus buds for sale at the flower market

Hill tribe grandmothers at a night time dance

Lotus at a market -- plump roots stuffed and ready to stream or fry

Deep fried stuffed lotus roots
Our many great meals included
not only water plants but also
local mushrooms and
other wonderful vegetables.


Half the group on the lakes

< Lotus field landscape with some of the Khast Mountains in the background


Nola Fenech

Lotus lagoons seen from the lookout after quite a trek


Locals in the lotus fields,
cutting and harvesting who
knows what -- maybe
we ate some of it?

A great steamboat lunch on the lakes with very fresh fish, plus lots of local vegetables and water vegetables that were dunked, cooked and retrieved to eat

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