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 Images by Rich Sacher and Kevin Joyce
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Rich Sacher -- "We visited Chaiyapon "Chaipol" Tamasuwan and his family at his nursery in Chachoengsao, Thailand, the week prior to the 2007 IWGS Symposium. I was pleased to finally meet Chaipol and his friend Jeremy Biggs, and see the wonderful lilies in his nursery. Kevin and I flew into Bangkok several days early, especially to make time for this visit. Our friend Nopchai "Noi" Chansilpa, hybridizer of the beautiful N. 'Mangala Ubol', was incredibly generous with his time, providing a driver and van to take us to Chaipol's home about an hour's drive from Bangkok.

"Many of Chaipol's hybrids have the unusual quality of appearing airbrushed with several colors!"

Nymphaea 'Gray Smoke'


Rich, Jeremy, Chaipol, Noi

Noi and Chaipol review
waterlily photos

N. 'Happy Day' 

Jeremy Biggs -- "Chaipol has been a teacher for many years; in fact he has never had any other kind of job. He became interested in tropical waterlilies after being shown a book of lily pictures by Dr Sam (Slearmlarp Wasuwat). He was immediately captivated by these pictures and so started growing waterlilies at home. On finding that he had some natural talent, one thing led to another and he found himself getting into hybridizing. At first, with the help of others and, as he got better at it, he worked out his own techniques which are the envy of many. He uses lily growing as a medium for teaching at school and his students have produced some very interesting original varieties.

"I first met Chaipol because of my interest in table tennis. As a new boy in town I was looking for somewhere to play. Lo and behold I was walking past a small building and heard the sounds of people playing table tennis. I walked in and was greeted by Chaipol. He made me most welcome and I started going there regularly to play. As a consequence, we have become very close friends and Chaipol is my most ardent student of English (I am an English teacher here). I came to Thailand from New Zealand where I was involved in the electronics business and only became interested in waterlilies after meeting Chaipol."


Unnamed semi-dwarf



Jeremy, Rich, Chaipol, Noi,
Chaipol's wife and children

Jeremy and Kevin

Rich Sacher -- "After we had seen every waterlily in his nursery, Chaipol treated us all to lunch at the fantastic Gowmani Restaurant nearby. Located within a walled tropical garden, there were several ponds and water features, excellent Thai food, and wonderful conversation."

Fountain wall


Chaipol and Rich

Restaurant pond

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