Paintings and Engravings by
Jaewon "Babygeneral" Jung
Daegu, Korea
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Immeasurable Times
Painting 40cm x 62cm 4341 (2008)

Yearning for Love
Painting 142cm X 79cm Tangun Era 4341 (2008)

The Pond Where the Waterlilies are Blooming
Engraving Limited edition 55cm x 35cm 4330 (2007)

The Beauty of Glory Painting 95cm x 62cm 4341(2008)

Beautiful Day
Painting about 130cm x 80cm
4340 (2007)

Jaewon Jung at work

Under Lotus Leaf.
Engraving Limited edition 55cm x 35cm 4330 (2007)

 Fairs and Exhibitions

1998 "The Exhibition of Cheerful Laughter" Kyongju World Culture Expo in Korea
2001-2007 "Ambiente" in Frankfurt, Germany
2001-2007 "Tendence" in Frankfurt, Germany
2002-2006 "Spring Fair" in Birmingham, UK
2002 "Koreanische Kunst Austellung" in Bottrop, Germany
2002 "Wohn Art" in Dortmund, Germany
2002 "Hamburg Messe" in Hamburg, Germany
2003-2005 "Arte Cuadro" in Madrid, Spain
2003 "Le Show" in Amsterdam, Holland

2004-2006 "Smac" in Paris, France
2004.3, 2004.11 "Saca Quadrum" in Bologna, Italy
2004 "Kreismuseum Syke" in Bremen, Germany
2005 "Kunst Austellung" World trade center in Bremen, Germany
2006, 2007. "Kunst und Design" in Bochumin, Germany
2007 "Art Fair Europe" in Rheda Wiedenbruck, Germany

Profile - Jaewon Jung

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