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Dr. Barre Hellquist's images of and experience with
Australian Nymphaea nouchali

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At the Cairns Airport ditch,
Queensland, Australia

At Wonga Beach, Queensland, Australia

Nymphaea nouchali in Australia occurs in ditches and swamps along the coast where the water is slightly saline. The Wonga Beach population is in fresh water. This is supposed to be the same as N. stellata (now N. nouchali) from Asia. Some preliminary DNA was run on this plant and may show that it is not. It was mistaken for many years in Australia for N. tetragona.

Its natural range in Australia is along the north coast of Queensland and then along the north coast of the Northern Territory. One population I saw in the Northern Territory had white flowers. 

The plant size varies. They may be very small, almost as small as N. minuta or as large as N. 'Daubenyana'. The blossom is cup-shaped with the sepals fused at the bottom. This is similar to N. minuta. They may be closely related.

I have not had much luck in growing it. I can get the seed to germinate, but they remain tiny. Carlos Magdalena from the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, has grown out some of my seed and had some success by germinating the seed in slightly saline water and then growing the plant in the same situation. The plants in nature produce abundant seed and are a typical Brachyceras. They have a pleasant scent. 

At the Cairns Airport ditch,
Queensland, Australia

At Wonga Beach, Queensland, Australia

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