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In WGI Online 3.1, Rich Sacher concluded his article Lusty Li'l Nymphaea minuta with: "Will minuta be the parent we have been looking for in our quest for dwarf tropical lilies? We don't ask for much … just lots of flowers … with lots of petals … in many different colors … and nicely variegated leaves … on a small plant that is easy to grow. Wouldn't it be great if all these big dreams come true because of an ordinary little lily called minuta?"

In this issue Rich and Carlos Magdalena show us the potential of even --

First Generation
Hybrids of
Nymphaea minuta

by Rich Sacher
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Seedlings April 17

In November of 2007, I received plants of N. minuta from David Curtright (one by way of Kit Knotts) and began hybridizing with them right away. I used N. 'Lisa Jane' as the pollen donor, mainly because it was the only pink tropical lily with variegated leaves that was blooming at the time. The first crop of seeds was produced 30 days after pollination. They were planted immediately and, within two weeks, some seeds were beginning to germinate. The initial leaves on these seedlings showed a variety of colors, some plain green, others variegated, indicating that at least some of these seeds were the result of cross-pollination.

By early July, only three plants had produced floating leaves. Two of them are in photos below ... both in a six inch pot. Together they have a spread of three feet (.9 meter), with leaves 4-5 inches (10-13 centimeters) across.

Seedlings April 24

Seedlings June 8

Above right and below are the minuta x 'Lisa Jane' crosses that have bloomed so far. They are very similar, though one is a little stronger blue. The plants are bigger than minuta but smaller than 'Lisa Jane' ... but are not compact. I do not think these first three seedlings are particularly worthwhile, except maybe for backcrossing to minuta.
The seedling at the right has variegated leaves. There are two more like it ... but it may be a month or more before they grow big enough to bloom. One can always hope the variegated-leafed ones will be more compact ... and have pink flowers!  


N. minuta

N. minuta x
N. 'Lisa Jane'

N. 'Lisa Jane'



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