Visitors Comment on Spirit at the
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh


Fantastic display of interesting plants, ferns, etc. Beautiful lit up glasshouses and a super theme. Wish I had brought a camera! Jenny (51)

Fantastic! Why don't you do it every year - and so something similar in summer when it is a bit warmer!! Fiona (46)

I liked making the flowers & putting them in the pond. Loved it - it was magical. Have more. Kids & adults thought it was FABBY!! Anonymous

Splendid. Wow. Can we borrow the lanterns for our lovely wedding? Fantastic. Anonymous

Very beautiful, absolutely amazing. GREAT!!! Anonymous

Really enjoyed it - really pretty & was well thought out & displays excellent. Loved making the lotus flowers! Use of fading lights could be an option on the highlighted flowers. Lauren

Good, but could have been better with a bit more information e.g. on the plants, China, etc. Quite expensive for what it was. Could also have made more of the audio facilities to give some background info. Anonymous

Interesting, scary sounds. Liked the opportunity to make a wish. Lovely idea for an evening. Jonathan (25)

Brilliant! I really liked the music in the glasshouses. Each glasshouse had a different atmosphere. The lighting also really added to the atmosphere. I really liked making a wish. Anonymous

Enjoyable way to spend a Sunday evening. Helpful staff. Unsure about music - too experimental. Liked the origami. Difficult to read info. Perhaps more "scene setting" required. Anonymous

I thought it was fabulous - very exciting. Sarah (49)

GREAT. More Chinese culture please. Anonymous

Lantern festival was wonderful because of its beauty - the lighting highlighting the flowers. Dreamlike.

Very nice experience. Anonymous

Very good. Anonymous

Very nice. Anonymous

Beautiful, wonderful, brilliant. Hope you do it again. Pauline (62)

Really lovely. Would be good to repeat around the time of Chinese New Year every year. Next time I'll get the flower right! Lucy (39)

Absolutely spectacular. Like walking in a dream. Highlight outside tree with red lanterns. Gillian (53)

Lovely lanterns. Would have been better with a guide - we didn't really know what it was all about.
Nice idea with origami & hot tea. Cool. Xx Anonymous

Spectacular, enchanting, breath taking. A wonderful spiritual adventure! The tea was tasty & the origami was cute. Thank - you. Hilary (17) - Australia

Gorgeous lights. Loved the flower making. Very eerie in some glasshouses but in a good way. Monica (15)

Tour was excellent. Tremendously innovative and creative idea. A great event which all ages could enjoy. The Royal Botanics is setting a world class standard for education and events. Susan (40 several!)

Brilliant! Beautiful! Good laugh Good tea Thank you Anonymous

A wonderful experience to tour glasshouses in the night - quite eerie. Origami a special touch.

A lovely exhibition which made you appreciate the gardens & plants in an entirely different way.
Magical! C. S.

Absolutely amazing. A beautiful experience & well worth the trip through from Glasgow. Well done.
Gillian & Ceibes

It was magnificent. M.L.S.

Very atmospheric, amazingly cool & warm! Great way to spend a Sunday night. 10/ 10. Craig (24) & Shona (24)

Absolutely stunning. An excellent experience. Well done for such a wonderful idea. Admel (40+)

Fantastic, superb, just kind of light therapy you need this time of year. Mileko (35)

Very very pretty. We couldn't do the origami properly. Can you tell people how to do it properly?
She means the instructions could have been better. Music was creepy. Love the idea of music but something more befitting. Staff were great! Thank you staff! Anonymous

It was beautiful and made you look at the plants in a different way noticing different things to when you visit in daylight. The interplay of the light and music was magical. Sally (50)

FABULOUS. Great use of gardens & glasshouses - lots more things like this please. Richard (30 ish)

Very well organised. Plants & flowers were beautifully lit. Everything was perfect. Andrew (38)

It was quite short but it was fantastic to see the glasshouses by night. The spiritual element took some getting in to. Thom (46)

A Truly Wonderful Night Wonderful, settings, colours, sounds The origami "boats" were a nice touch.
Here's to the next one! Douglas (30 ish)

Very special - beautiful music & lanterns. Loved making a wish! Fiona (30)

A spectacular event, something of a happening which brought the greenhouses to vibrant life. Well worth the money. Do it again and to the music again too. Hugh (74)

Very worthwhile & pretty! Nice way to see round the botanics! Joanne (27)

Excellent, interactive, educational, unique, relaxing. Anonymous (30)

A magical, refreshing look at the Botanical Gardens with a quirky twist of Chinese tradition thrown in!
Thoroughly enjoyable! Sarah (28)

Wonderfully sensitive work - thoroughly enjoyed it thank you. Julie (36)

Thoroughly enjoyed a brand new look at the glasshouses. I've visited many times but seen everything in a brand new light. Brendan (32)

Very enjoyable - would like to be repeated (or similar idea) annually! A. McR. (30) & A. McR. (1)

Fantastic - very impressive! I hope they make this an annual event. Truly magical. Alan (42)

A magical experience, well worth the long trip. The tree ferns & palms look even more amazing lit up at night. Ann - from Cornwall

Inspiring. Worth all of the effort by the organisers & staff & helpers. A joy to behold. Night gardening is the future. Wee Alex (ageless)

Beautiful, lovely to see such a colourful exhibition at night and in the heart of Edinburgh. Please do it again. Joyce

Unbelievably spectacular. Never knew this happened in Edinburgh. Anonymous

Really pretty and relaxing atmosphere. Lizzie (22)

Loved the red lanterns outside - my favourite. Tea not so good but lotus flower making fun. Great for all the family. Lynz (33)

Magical to see the garden at night, another NVA triumph. Liked the challenge of making the lotus - very zen, focused & special way to culminate the journey. Tricia

Very nice, liked idea of light, origami & tea - good time! Anonymous

Beautiful & a lovely experience - especially the flowers & floating your wishes on the pond! Lucy (34)

Lovely! Imaginative & illuminating. L.R. (55)

I thought the Spirit Festival of Lanterns was very impressive, especially the wishing flower! Kirsty (34)

Most imaginative - entrancing. The lily pond very beautiful. Wonderful - exciting - eerily beautiful - such a creative intermeshing of light, dark, shapes, water, lanterns - an absolutely amazing evening. Thank you, yet again! Angela (56) & Veronica (73)

A beautiful & calming experience. Thanks for all your hard work. The lighting mixed with Chinese music, beautiful lanterns & plants was very intoxicating. We really enjoyed the tea drinking & making our lilies. So some more night time events! Jo (34)

Very well organised. Atmospheric. Lovely floating candles on lily pond. I enjoyed it more than Loy Kvathong in Thailand! Julia (70)

Beautiful lighting experience. Well balanced use of natural plants, lanterns and music/light installation. Nice to have opportunity to make a wish and take time to reflect on the Chinese cultural heritage. Thank you. Kerry (29)

Brilliant - absolute delight - simple & v v enjoyable. Annie (56)

Excellent - inspiring idea and well-executed. Are you selling merchandise i.e. lanterns, music, etc? Would go down well with visitors. Elizabeth (65)

Enchanting - really enjoyable. Are you planning a CD/DVD? A.W. (73)

Most enjoyable. Particularly impressed by the way the lights highlighted specimens, shapes, etc and the music. Will the shop sell some of the lanterns? Anonymous

I really liked it - really calming! Music was spooky! Nice idea for the flowers - to float them. Thank you! Mollie (13)

Lovely - v. well done + peaceful Beautiful to see gardens in different light/ environment. S.R. (45)

Very pretty, origami good. Worth it. Lucy (52)

Beautiful festival H.McC. (46)

Wonderfully done and most enjoyable. Thank you. A.R. (71)

Absolutely wonderful I.W.

Wonderful Sandra (61)

We loved the origami - the scary music totally creeped us out - but in a good way : The lanterns were very pretty. Anonymous (37)

A great idea brilliantly executed - really magical. Jo (40)

Excellent It would be great to have a "light show" in the gardens themselves! Anonymous 

Spirit Pervades the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
during the Chinese Lantern Festival

Instructions for Making Origami Lotus - 277K .pdf

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