Paintings of Waterlilies and Lotuses
by Alexis America

Hawaii USA

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As an artist specializing in plants, I have the great good fortune of looking at them very closely. Here is an amazing thing one discovers: no two leaves of a plant are exactly alike, and every flower has a personality.

I attempt to convey that uniqueness in every botanical painting I make.

Traditionally, plants are painted on a white background, but I began to feel that this did not adequately portray the vivid images I was seeing. So now I include a little of the world in which a plant lives.

My paintings are done in watercolor, as this medium best captures the characteristics of plants, the delicacy of petals.

I build the color layer by layer ~ from light to dark.

It is my intention to create paintings which please the eye up close and from a distance ~ paintings which endure over time and bring a sense of peace.

Alexis America


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