Nelumbo Images
by Daike Tian
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N. 'Xaimen Wanlian'
"Xiamen Bowl"

< N. 'Xiao Linyang'
"Little Antelope"



N. 'Shen Huo'
"Holy Fire" 

N. 'Pink Lips' 

N. 'Ying Hong'
"Red Cherry"

N. 'XieZhua Hong'
"Crab Claws Red'"

N. 'Taikong Lian 36'
"Space 36"

N. 'Hong Taiyang'
"Red Sun"

N. 'Luhuanong'
"Dripping Dew"


N. 'Perry's Giant Sunburst'

N. 'Fenceng Tuo Cui'
"Green in Pink Layers"

N. 'Jun Jie'
"Outstanding Talent"

N. 'Xing Huang'
"Apricot Yellow"

N. 'Hongbian Bai Wanlian'
"Red-edged White"

N.'Qintai geshou' "Qintai Singer" >

N. 'Hong Qingting'
"Red Dragonfly"

N. 'Zijin He' "Purple Gold" >


 Container Production and Post-harvest Handling of Lotus (Nelumbo) and Micropropagation of Herbaceous Peony (Paeonia) by Daike Tian Abstract | Dissertation

The Versatile and Valuable Lotus

Experiments with Lotus Propagation

Auburn University Lotus Project

Profile - Daike Tian, China and USA

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