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The Stunning Siblings of 'Siam Blue Hardy'

Hybrids, article and photos by
Pairat Songpanich, Thailand
Genetically confirmed by Dr. Vipa Hongtrakul, Thailand
Translated to English by Guntapon Prommoon, Thailand
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The spectacular outcome of cross-pollination of intersubgeneric species, using subgenus Nymphaea (hardy waterlily) as the pod parent and subgenus Brachyceras (tropical waterlily) as the pollen parent, is Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy', introduced in WGI ONLINE Journal 3.2

Hybrid 9 (N. 'Siam Pink')

The pod that produced N. 'Siam Blue Hardy' yielded 244 seeds, of which 39 germinated. From those seedlings, 20 grew to maturity with different characteristics in the five categories described below.

< Seedlings of hybrids
between subgenus Nymphaea
x subgenus Brachyceras

1. Flower

The offspring from the pink pod parent (hardy) and purple/blue pollen parent (tropical) can be categorized into two colors.

1.1 Pink. There are 17 hybrids that have color from light pink to dark pink. We can divide these 17 pinks into 3 groups.

Group I consists of hybrids 4, 8, 12 and 14. All are light pink. The interesting point of this group is that the bloom on the first day has a light pink color and then the petals and sepals start to pale into a white color after two or three days; in contrast, the tips of the petals shade into a darker pink.

Group II consists of hybrid 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 15, 19 and 20. All are dark pink, most lighter towards the base.

Hybrid 8 (N. 'Siam Pink Tips')

Hybrid 9 (N. 'Siam Pink')

The characteristics of group I and II are rarely found in subgenus Nymphaea, but are typically found in Brachyceras.

Group III consists of hybrid 5, 6, 7, 13, and 17. All have uniform color, ranking from light to middle pink. There is no different tip color in this group.

1.2 Blue. Three hybrids have colors leaning towards the pollen parent (purple/blue) and the color at the base is usually lighter than at the tips of the petals (hybrid 3 which is N. 'Siam Blue Hardy', 16 and 18.

In all the seedlings, the traits of the tips of the anthers are received from the pollen parent which is the same color as the petals. Most of the hybrids are easy to flower like the pod and pollen parents and have many flowers like the tropical waterlily. There are a few with flowering difficulties.

Hybrid 3 (N. 'Siam Blue Hardy') >


Hybrids of subgenus Nymphaea x subgenus Brachyceras 


Subgenus Nymphaea
(Pod parent)

Subgenus Brachyceras
(Pollen parent) 

Hybrid 1

Hybrid 2

Hybrid 3
(N. 'Siam Blue Hardy')

Hybrid 4

Hybrid 5

Hybrid 6

Hybrid 7

Hybrid 8
(N. 'Siam Pink Tips')

Hybrid 9
(N. 'Siam Pink')

Hybrid 10

Hybrid 11

Hybrid 12

Hybrid 13

Hybrid 14

Hybrid 15

Hybrid 16

Hybrid 17

Hybrid 18

Hybrid 19

Hybrid 20

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