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Water Gardens
Going Green

While the title might incite scary visions of unwanted algae in your water garden, this editorial focuses on Victoria-Adventure's new thought-provoking idea of Greening the Planet One Pond at a Time.

Greening stories constantly appear in the media. The subject certainly relates to gardening -- including water gardening. The National Gardening Association's 2008 Environmental Lawn and Garden Survey (US) reveals that:

Nine out of 10 households say it's important to manage their lawns and gardens [water gardens] in an environmentally friendly way.

Only half (53 percent) of all households say they are knowledgeable about how to maintain their home lawn or garden [water garden] using good environmental stewardship practices.

Thirty percent of households admit they are "not at all" or "not very" knowledgeable about how to care for their landscape [water garden] in a way that benefits the environment.

NGA Research Director Bruce Butterfield states, "This year's research reinforces an increased need for homeowner education about simple, actionable ways they can be a good environmental steward at home while cultivating a healthy lawn or garden [water garden]."

Their survey clearly shows that while the vast majority of gardeners believe in going green, too many don't know how to use good green practices. Undoubtedly, water gardeners around the world are "in the same boat" with land gardeners. In other words, (1) most water gardeners around the planet probably want to act in an environmentally friendly way, (2) about half might think they use good environmental stewardship practices, and (3) perhaps a third are not sure how to make their water garden benefit the environment.

Without conducting a formal survey, V-A/WGI founder Kit Knotts senses this critical situation through her constant contact with hands-on water gardeners around the globe. Consequently, she is growing V-A's insightful Greening the Planet One Pond at a Time section focusing on proper environmental practices for water gardeners. In addition, remember to look for greening articles in this and future Journal issues.

Characteristically, WGI Publisher Kit Knotts invites you to share your ideas, expertise, and experiences. Your contribution may vary from a rough draft to a polished ready-to-post article. Specific subjects include pond health, energy reduction, food crops, pollution remedies, wildlife habitat, dragonflies, and many more, all related to Greening the Planet One Pond at a Time.

Your participation is truly welcome. What say you?


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