Tropical Spice Garden
Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia
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by Kenneth Khoo
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"Water is the prominent feature whereby visitors can hear the sound of running water wherever they are, providing a cooling and soothing experience whilst strolling and exploring the garden." from Page 1


Water Features

Water from the living stream is recirculated throughout the garden via waterfalls, sluice, lakes and streams. The use of waterways not only provides an alternative habitat for a more diversified ecosystem but also serves as an irrigation network. 

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These are manually constructed using natural and recycled materials. An important design element is working around the many bulging or protruding roots that often dictate the direction of the pathway complementing the garden's philosophy that we (human beings) are second to nature. As a safety measure, no step is built more than five inches in height and less than 19 inches in width (13 cm by 48 cm).  



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Wooden Structures

Pavilions, gazebos, gateways, bridges, benches, steps, sign posts and decking are constructed out
of a variety of Malaysian seasoned and mature hardwoods salvaged and recycled for use from demolished godowns and pre-war houses in Penang.  

Chinese Gate


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