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Tropical Spice Garden
Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia


by Kenneth Khoo
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Each trail begins at the water garden and provides sufficient interest for a 20-45 minute walk.


Jungle Trail

A shady elevated pathway meandering through the existing jungle and overlooking the living stream showcases ferns, wild orchids, understorey palms and other significant jungle flora, some of which are major commercial crops (palm oil, rubber, cocoa) or used by Orang asli (indigenous tribes).



Ornamental Trail

In the heart of the valley is a collection of exotics chosen for their structural form (palms), ornamental foliage (ferns, crotons, Costus) or stunning flowers (gingers, Heliconias, etc). To provide a frame for the trail, mature and endemic palms are planted which will eventually give majestic presence and height.




Spice Trail

On the disused rubber terraces are over 100 species of tropical spice and herbal plants grown either in the ground or in 12-year-old oak barrels specially imported from Canada. There is also a "Spices of the World" globe installation painted by local artist-designer, Rebecca Duckett.

Spice Globe and its shelter


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