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 Lotus Series

Paintings by Janice Mason Steeves

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Lotus Series 5 - 26x30", oil on panel

Lotus Series 9 - 36x42", oil on panel
. . . travels took me twice to India, where I learned about the sacred lotus and it’s importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. Although I never saw lotuses growing in India, I did see lotus buds that were presented as offerings to Shiva at temples in the south of India. When I came home from India, I was interested to learn where I might see lotus growing . . . (more)

Lotus Series 11
22x30", oil on panel

Lotus Series 12 - 24x72", oil on panel

Lotus Series 17 - 24x72", oil on panel

Lotus Series 21
45x45", oil on panel

Lotus Series 13 - 24x72", oil on panel


Lotus Series 15 - 48x62", oil on panel

Lotus Series 23 - 48x72", oil on panel

Janice Mason Steeves
travels the world in search of beauty to inspire her paintings

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