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. . . Oh, thank God. The peonies are in bloom in the Emperor’s Garden behind the Forbidden City, in Jing Shan Park, and at the Beijing Botanical Gardens. I have never seen such big peonies. Mudan (tree peonies) the size of dinner plates. The tour guide shouts, “Peony Group, time to go”. His calls go unanswered. We keep taking photos and must almost be dragged away. . . (more)

Inspired by a trip to China and Tibet
Janice Mason Steeves'
Mudan Series

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Mudan Series 16 (Sun Yat-Sen Garden)
42x54", oil on panel

Mudan Series 5 - Paeonia delavayi
48x72", oil on panel

Mudan Series 7 (OK Peony Nursery)
42x36", oil on panel

Mudan Series 25
(Bejing Botanical Garden)
22x30", oil on panel

Mudan Series 6 - Paeonia delavayi
(Bayi Town, Tibet)
42x36", oil on panel

Mudan Series 23 (Jing Shan Park)
24x24", oil on panel 

Mudan Series 17 (Imperial Flower Garden)
54x42", oil on panel

Janice Mason Steeves
travels the world in search of beauty to inspire her paintings

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