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2009 AKCA Seminar
Pond Tour

San Diego, California USA
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by Pam Spindola
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The next pond we visited was also in the beautiful Rancho Santa Fe community. The long private drive was bordered with many beautiful citrus groves and the perfume of orange blossoms filled the air. We entered a lovely courtyard with a fountain before entering the pond area. This pond, although decorative, had features of a professional style pond. The volume, filtration, aeration all were designed to encourage growth and maintain the health of the koi. The 7,000 gallon (26,498 liter) pond is 5 ½ feet (1.68 meters) deep and feeds into a 2000 gallon (7,571 liter) filtration system.
The design consisted of the pond water exiting through two bottom drains by gravity feed into a settling chamber which separates the solid wastes. The water then is passed through a series of brushes (five rows) and then through a bio-filter with spring-flow media. The water returns to the pond via an immense flagstone waterfall designed by the owner. This pond also features two skimmers cleaning the surface of the water. This pond is very dramatic in design and technically provides an optimum environment for the koi. 

Image from Koi USA


The last pond was designed and built by an architect-owner in 1979. Not only was the pond fascinating, but also all of us enjoyed the dramatic sculptures, hand carved panels, and the views of the Pacific Ocean from the house. The pond had three levels totaling 13,500 gallons (51,103 liters). The top pond has a unique koi sculpture in the center. The water is filtered through a gravel filter as well as bubble bead filters. The forty koi seemed very healthy and happy in their exclusive home. 

Pond tours are so enjoyable. Many koi clubs organize these excursions as fundraisers and to possibly encourage membership for their clubs. One is able to formulate ideas for one’s own pond by seeing other ponds, talking to the owners, and sharing ideas with fellow hobbyists along on the trip. This pond tour was no exception. We all enjoyed the morning and were very impressed with all the ponds. We also met some very nice people along the way! Next year’s AKCA Seminar will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, in June, 2010. For anyone interested, there will soon be information for this seminar which is open to the public on their website,
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