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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

New Hybrids of
Nymphaea subgenus Anecphya and subgenus Brachyceras
by Carlos Magdalena - Click images to enlarge

N. 'Kew's Kabuki'

N. georginae (Subgenus Anecphya) x N. colorata (Subgenus Brachyceras




Several seeds were collected from a cross-pollination of a white form of N. georginae as pod parent and blue N. colorata as pollen parent. I have grown many seedlings but I just allowed two to develop to flowering size, with almost identical results. This seems to be a very good intersubgeneric for several reasons. It has red stamens on the first day that turn orange as pollen of that colour sheds over the next few days. The contrast with the "almost white petals" (they have a hint of pale blue) is quite impressive. The lighter one has been named 'Kew's Kabuki'.
  Despite being in small pots, it seems to flower freely, sometimes opening two blooms at once and then opening further blooms day in and day out. It seems to be more vigorous than N. 'Yashusiro' when grow side by side. Tubers have formed in the seedlings that were grown in yogurt size pots, but the ones grown in half-litre (half-quart) pots keep going just with regular feeding. Flowers are large, lightly scented and do not close when shaded. Leaves are very similar to the mother N. georginae in that they resemble a large size N. lotos, due to their nervation and serrate edge. It sheds pollen, so far sterile.... 

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