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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

New Hybrids of
Nymphaea subgenus Anecphya and subgenus Brachyceras
by Carlos Magdalena - Click images to enlarge

N. 'Kew's Perfect Stranger'


N. georginae
(Subgenus Anecphya)



N. georginae x unknown Brachyceras:

After several seeds were gathered, several seedlings were grown. This is the first Anecphya-like flower with blotched leaves. Pads are large and serrated, with splashes of reddish-brown like that found in many Brachyceras. It blooms really freely, on very long stalks, producing star shape flowers with changing colours of blue to mauve, turning pink in the last days of the flowering cycle, just before sinking. Sepals have a red stripe; stamens are yellow, blue or yellow with blue tips; petals tend to be darker towards the tip and almost white towards its base. Ovary is almost red. It does not produce any pollen, and fails to set seed when used as pod parent with either Anecphya and Brachyceras as pollen parent. It is a very vigorous plant, actually difficult to get to go dormant!

More detail of N. 'Kew's Perfect Stranger'

N. georginae


Brachyceras dad











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