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Charles B. Thomas

Spreading the Good Word

How did you discover the good word about water gardening? What motivated you to begin water gardening? Why do you grow waterlilies?

These questions inevitably arise when water gardeners first meet. Typical answers include a friend’s enthralling water garden, a botanic garden’s spectacular waterlily display, a well-written article (web site, magazine, catalog) with captivating images. For some, a childhood memory of a grandparent’s waterlilies generates the inspiration. Regardless of how, what, or why, the good word about water gardening keeps spreading.

True, it’s easy to fail at water gardening. I find the top reason for failure is deficient information. It might be wrong or insufficient. Either way, the result can be failure.

Fortunately, it’s also easy to succeed at water gardening. Elements like luck, a reliable supplier, and/or proper information can make the difference between success and failure.

Luck is unpredictable; you could say the same about having a reliable supplier or other factors. Water garden information with various degrees of accuracy exists on the internet as well as from suppliers, friends, catalogs, magazines, and books.

Water gardeners around the world make over 1,000,000 hits a month to find state-of-the-art water garden information and trustworthy Truly Named suppliers on this site and its partner Victoria-Adventure site. They readily discover accurate information and reliable sources of properly labeled waterlilies. These water gardeners invariably succeed!

Moreover, WGI members enjoy keeping current with fascinating Journal articles. This issue, for example, features profusely illustrated articles on the giant Victoria, wildlife ponds, the world’s tiniest waterlily, koi, wetland wonders, water quality, and more. Somehow, each issue seems more compelling than the last thanks to 79 knowledgeable writers living in 26 countries around the globe.

We water gardeners thoroughly enjoy the exhilaration that flows from successful water gardening. We love to share the enchantment of water gardening with friends and strangers.

An easy way to share your love of water gardening is spreading the good word about it. Tell your friends and neighbors about the joy of water gardening. Recruit them for your water garden club or start a club if one doesn’t exist in your area. Easiest of all, direct them to this site and partner Victoria-Adventure for the best and most comprehensive, accurate information on the web.

You’ll be spreading the good word about water gardening!


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