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Koi Hunting and Achieving a Dream, Pam Spindola Makes
A Journey of the Spirit to Japan
| Spanish
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New life for an old feature:
Guilfoyle’s Volcano 

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Australia
by Jeremy Prentice
English | Spanish

Who Says Bigger is Better?
Experiments in Dwarfing Waterlilies
by Rich Sacher, Louisiana USA
English | Spanish

Awakening Thai Lotuses
From the presentation of Dr.Slearmlarp Wasuwat
on the Economic Development of Nelumbo and Nymphaea for the National Economic Conference 2009 at Naresuan University, Pitsanuloke, Thailand
Edited by Primlarp Wasuwat Chukiatman
English | Spanish

Looking for some different ideas for plants around your pond?
Tantalizing Tropical Marginals
by Craig Presnell, Florida USA
English | Spanish

Aquatic Plant CSI Epilog (or Dead Sea II)
The sick Texas pond gets sicker -- new water test results show why.
by Steve Stroupe, Alabama USA
English | Spanish

A Three-Part Series on Building Ponds for Wildlife
Part 2 - How to Design the Pond
by Kathy Biggs, California USA
English | Spanish

Visit to the Aquatic Candy Store for
Acorus - Sweet Flag

by Dave Brigante, Oregon USA
English | Spanish

The Dirty Story
of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
by Pat Clifford, RBGE Senior Horticulturist
English | Spanish

The "Vidalia Onion" of the Black Belt?
Lotus: A New Crop for Alabama
by Jamie Creamer, photos by Warner Orozco-Obando
English | Spanish

Want to make a trip to China with Warner and other lotus lovers? 527K .pdf

Alternatives to invasive plants - Second in the series
Nymphoides cordata (Water Snowflake)
by Charles Leach, Ohio USA
English | Spanish

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Charles Leach, Ohio
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Richard Moyroud, Florida
Warner Orozco-Obando, Ken Tilt, Bernice Fischman, Auburn University
Walter Pagels, California
Joel Police, Indiana
Peter Ponzio, Illinois
Craig Presnell, Florida
Don Pylant, Texas
Rich Sacher, Louisiana 
Pam Spindola, California
Steve Stroupe, Alabama
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