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Koi Hunting and Achieving a Dream, Pam Spindola Makes
A Journey of the Spirit to Japan
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At this point, I have a few koi in mind but I couldn’t stop thinking about a small budo goromo I spotted the day before. We had stopped briefly at the Takano Koi Farm, known for aigoromo and budo goromo. “Budo” translates to “grape” in English. This koi has a snow white background. The overlaying kohaku pattern is red and black giving the impression of a purplish grape color.

Mr. Yoshio Takano and the author
Kaz had selected a few beautiful examples for his clients. As a hobbyist who likes to enter a few shows and as a koi judge, I realize the importance of body shape, conformation. In fact many hobbyists will only buy females for that reason. I still loved this koi in spite of the fact it is probably a male. Hopefully I will be able put some girth on it in the next few years. While I made my first “adoption”, Mr. Takano proudly showed us some other beautiful koi he had bred. By the way, the Takano koi house is bright turquoise blue, the only one I saw of that color! 

Takano Koi Farm

Turquoise greenhouse



Budo goromo

The author's budo goromo


Our first stop Friday was at a father and son koi farm, Kanno, which specialized in goshiki. Mr. Kazuhiro Hirasawa and his son were definitely personable and very proud to show us what they had accomplished. I had never seen such striking examples of goshiki. The scales were evenly reticulated on the body and the hi pattern looked like carefully cut out forms without reticulation placed on top. The intensity and luminosity of the red seemed almost metallic. All of these attributes are very seldom seen and are quite beautiful.

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 Kanno goshiki


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