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How would you grade WGI's first year? Our membership has expanded from 0 to 930 water gardeners in 51 countries. Our web site has grown from a few pages to, with our partner site Victoria-Adventure, thousands of pages receiving more than a million hits a month.

Founding Members of WGI, those who joined between January 10 and February 10, 2006, suggested and voted on projects of importance for us to work on. See complete vote results. Below is a summary of the voting, priority assigned by members, and the action we've taken.

Members were invited to grade our performance (please use A through E) for the year and send their response by February 1, 2007. February 10 Update: Only one person sent us a report card and gave us A's. Since it was Editor-in-Chief Charles Thomas, whom we expect to be a little biased, we will give ourselves an I, incomplete, and keep working for you!

 Project Action Taken Grade 

Certification of waterlilies for correctness of variety Truly Named wgi©  
Listings of new aquatic plants  Brought to you as we learn of them, mainly through Checklist  
Database of aquatic plants based on suitable climate  No progress - requires significant input from membership  
Email notification of new issues  Monthly email update to members
Current | Archive
Online newsletter   New & News
(updated regularly)  
Promotion of botanic and public gardens   Gardens with Aquatics Displays (lists 245 gardens in 70 countries with links) + features on web sites  
Database of truly aquatic plants (12 months in water)   No progress - requires significant input from membership   
Online journal Four extensive issues of
and Index by Subject
Calendar of events worldwide  Calendar   
Printed register of waterlilies WGI Checklist of Nymphaea Names now available  
Email newsletter  Monthly email update to members
Current | Archive
Long term trials of waterlilies  No progress   
Promotion of local and regional affiliated clubs and societies  Clubs and Societies (lists 113 in seven countries with links)  

Projects undertaken that were not part of the voting but suggested by members Special section For Beginners
Extensive list of Water Garden Books
Sections for Pond Fish and for
Conservation & Wetlands Protection

Water garden tours, regional  Endorsed in Calendar
and reported in feature articles 
Meetings, regional  Endorsed in Calendar
and reported in feature articles 
Competition for new waterlilies  No action taken  
Water garden tours, national  Endorsed in Calendar
and reported in feature articles 
Water garden tours, international  Endorsed in Calendar
and reported in feature articles 

Water Gardening International Hall of Fame  No action taken  
Meetings, national   Endorsed in Calendar
and reported in feature articles 
Meetings, international Endorsed in Calendar
and reported in feature articles 
Printed journal  No action taken  

Overall grade for WGI's first year


 Suggestions for improving current projects and for new ones:


To grade us and/or comment, copy the text in the box above and paste it into the email that opens when you click this link -- info@watergardenersinternational.org -- type into it, then click Send. All suggestions and opinions you send are read and recorded by hand. Information is NOT collected automatically. Your input is extremely valuable so please write as freely as you'd like.

To copy and paste, place the cursor at the beginning of the text in the box above. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to the end of the text in the box. This will highlight the text. Place the cursor somewhere on the highlighted text and click the right mouse button. From the dialog box that appears, select "Copy". In the blank email, click the right mouse button and select "Paste" from the box. If you have any difficulty, write us.

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