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Results of the Founding Members Poll
Voting closed February 10, 2006 at 12 Midnight Eastern Standard Time

It was obvious, even in the early voting, that some issues and projects were very high on members' priority lists. As a result, we have proceeded with action on some of these. On others we now have proposals for your approval/disapproval/comments. Still others rose or fell in the voting as more polls arrived. We are preparing proposals for those that rose to high priority. Complete results with the actual voting numbers are below the Summary.

Some issues and projects could have presented better. We viewed whether to have officers and directors as either/or with having members make decisions by way of online polls. Many members did not see one as excluding the other. Fortunately the results were very clear. Members will make the decisions and there will be no officers and directors.

We should have presented Printed Register as Online and Printed Register, but ourselves took the online portion for granted. A proposal for what now will be called the International Checklist is linked below. We also should have combined Meetings and Tours, as one usually includes or can include the other. Separated, they rate relatively low on the priority list and would have come in higher had we combined them. Since they don't rank high enough to demand immediate attention from WGI so we offer a proposal for your consideration linked below.

Members made a number of very good suggestions for future projects which we will outline soon. Quite a few members feel that conservation and preservation of natural wetlands and native water plants, and an effort to encourage members to appreciate and use natives in our ponds should be high on our list. We are working on plans to implement these ideas.

A number of you offered to work on various projects and we will be contacting you in the near future!

Summary of Results

 Project Action Taken

Certification of waterlilies for correctness of variety Poll 2 - Issue #1
Listings of new aquatic plants  New Plants
Database of aquatic plants based on suitable climate  In planning 
Email notification of new issues  Combine with email newsletter 
Online newsletter   New & News (We update this page regularly)  
Promotion of botanic and public gardens   Gardens with Aquatics Displays
(Other promotions in planning)  
Database of truly aquatic plants (12 months in water)   In planning 
Online journal WGI Journal Online 1.1 
Calendar of events worldwide  Calendar 
Printed register of waterlilies Poll 2 - Issue #2
Email newsletter  Combine with email notification 
Long term trials of waterlilies  In planning 
Promotion of local and regional affiliated clubs and societies  Clubs and Societies
(Other promotions in planning) 

Water garden tours, regional  Poll 2 - Issue #3
Meetings, regional  Poll 2 - Issue #3
Competition for new waterlilies  Action deferred
Water garden tours, national  Poll 2 - Issue #3
Water garden tours, international  Poll 2 - Issue #3

Water Gardening International Hall of Fame  No action
Meetings, national   Poll 2 - Issue #3 
Meetings, international Poll 2 - Issue #3
Printed journal  No action

Complete Results

What can WGI do for you?

Would you like for WGI to have officers and directors? Yes 53 No 32 Don't care 106


Would you like to have the members make the decisions directly by way of web site polls? Yes 141
No 8 Don't care 52

If yes, would you like email notification of new issues under consideration? Yes 168 No 2
No answer 114

Of the following projects, which ones would you like to see pursued? Please check beside all the items you choose. If one item is of greater interest to you than the others, add two checks.

166 - Online newsletter
141 - Email newsletter
152 - Online journal
59 - Printed journal
103 - Competition for new waterlilies
183 - Certification of waterlilies for correctness of variety
146 - Printed register of waterlilies
81 - Water Gardening International Hall of Fame
126 - Promotion of local and regional affiliated clubs and societies
158 - Promotion of botanic and public gardens
149 - Calendar of events worldwide
182 - Listings of new aquatic plants
134 - Long term trials of waterlilies
156 - Database of truly aquatic plants (12 months in water)
172 - Database of aquatic plants based on suitable climate
75 - Meetings, international
77 - Meetings, national
106 - Meetings, regional
87 - Water garden tours, international
89 - Water garden tours, national
122 - Water garden tours, regional

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