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Hybridizing Waterlilies: State of the Art

by Richard Sacher

Award-winning hybridizer Rich Sacher tells all about hybridizing tropical waterlilies in his new “Hybridizing Waterlilies: State of the Art”. Rapidly growing interest in waterlilies brings with it heightened interest in new, improved varieties—bigger, more compact, more fragrant, open more hours/days, new colors, etc. Little truly helpful information exists on the secretive art and science of hybridizing waterlilies. Now Rich generously shares what he and ten fellow successful hybridizers around the world know about creating outstanding results.

Rich systematically takes you through the hybridizing process with easy-to-follow text and helpful photography. Segment titles include:


. Some Pollen Facts
. Testing Pollen before Use
. Low Tech Hybridizing
. Timing Pollination
. Saving Pollen for Future Use
. Stigmatic Fluid
. Seed Pods
. Waterlily Seeds
. Methods for Planting the Seeds
. The Juvenile Seedling Stage
. Forcing Juveniles to Grow Up
. Making Tubers from Tropical Lilies
. Judging the Value of a New Hybrid 

Cover photo by WGI Member John Baron & Michael Rugh

WGI Founding Member Rich surveyed fellow WGI members Lou Belloisy, Kit Knotts, Christian Meyer, Craig Presnell, Andreas Protopapas, Sean Stevens, and Slearmlarp Wasuwat, hybridizers all, for valuable heretofore unpublished tips. Of these and other contributors, Rich writes, “Our combined work adds up to more than one hundred years of trial and error, success and failure, and most importantly, accumulated wisdom. I am presenting this information in straightforward language so that anyone interested in hybridizing waterlilies can use it, regardless of having or not having a formal background in botany or horticulture.”

In his insightful, historically significant publication dedicated to Perry D. Slocum, Rich combines his own knowledge with their “experiences, discoveries, and practical advice.” The 32-page soft cover volume is published by the International Waterlily and Water Gardening Society and is a must-read for every water gardener interested in hybridizing waterlilies.

Price: US$9. Contact IWGS at info@iwgs.org. for ordering and price details.

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