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WGI Update sent to members December 10, 2007

The 2007 Supplement to the WGI Register & Checklist of Waterlily Names is being prepared for printing. The deadline for new registrations that will appear in the 2007 Supplement was December 1 but, if you have new cultivar names that you would like validated in print, send them together with brief descriptions before December 20. Other registrations and new names will appear in the 2008 Supplement.

Though we don't yet know the cost, please let us know if you think you would like a copy of the 2007 Supplement. This will help us determine the number of copies to print. The Supplement will contain full pages for each new registration and all new names received in 2007. A few copies of the landmark 2006 Register & Checklist remain. Click here for details.

Don't miss a single page in
WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 2, Number 4
We have added a gallery of images by Michael and Nola Fenech to the Lotus Tour of China pages, linked from the Table of Contents.

Recently published molecular studies reveal some startling changes in the waterlily family tree, including moving Ondinea to Nymphaea subgenus Anecphya! Read about them here.

Other new galleries, profiles and articles are linked from Recent Additions.

We urge all of you, especially members in the now warm southern hemisphere, to be thinking about articles and images for the Journal!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members November 10, 2007

WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 2, Number 4
is now open for your viewing pleasure!

Our cover story is about the breathtaking lotus collection of Xi'an Botanical Garden in China. This is the most extensive article/gallery of lotus cultivars from China ever published on the Internet. We thank author and photographer Li Shujuan for this outstanding contribution!

How's "The Princess and Dr. Ding-a-Ling" for a catchy title? Or "Cobras Found in Oregon"? Read these and many other fun and informative articles in this issue! If you've been holding your breath for reports from the IWGS Symposium in Thailand and the subsequent lotus tour of China, you'll find them in 2.4 with more coming soon.

In the works is the next installment in Joel Police's excellent series for beginning water gardeners as well as several biographies, new images from a leading waterlily hybridizer, and a terrific "package" of details and profiles from Duke Gardens. Look for these to be announced as they go up -- http://www.victoria-adventure.org/recent_additions.html

Many of us have watched Lily Summers grow up on a Victoria pad -- http://www.victoria-adventure.org/more_than_links/joe_lily_gallery_1.html
She has a baby brother! We want to know where Joe, Tonya and Lily plan to take Charles Edward Joseph's official portraits!

Please send us your story ideas and thoughts for improving WGI!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members October 10, 2007

Denver Botanic Gardens is first in the WGI Spotlight, a new series featuring exceptional botanic gardens and clubs among our members. To read articles by Director of Horticulture Sarada Krishnan and Curator of Water Gardens Joe Tomocik and learn why DBG is so special, click here.

Would you like to see your garden or club in the WGI Spotlight? See this page to nominate it!

There are new detailed descriptions in the International Checklist of Waterlily Names by Pol Detienne in Belgium. Hybridizers wishing to have new cultivars included in the 2007 Checklist Supplement must send completed forms and photos not later than December 1. Begin here. The Supplement will be published in early January, 2008, with.each new cultivar receiving a full page and color photo. Other new names will be validated in this print publication if we have a brief description.

Other new articles and images are linked from Victoria-Adventure's Recent Additions. Very special are scans of herbarium specimens of Nymphaea divaricata, N. petersiana and N. sulphurea, the first accurate images of these species anywhere on the web.

We’re already working on the next Journal with lots of surprises in store but
WGI Online Journal Volume 2, Number 3 is is worth visiting and revisiting! Older issues too. The Journal archive and index to articles are linked at the bottom of the page above.

Let us know how WGI can better serve you!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members September 10, 2007

What did you do on your summer vacation? If you went somewhere exciting to see ponds and aquatic plants, please tell us about it! Better yet, send pictures! Several of our members have done just that, providing galleries from Longwood Gardens and Duke Gardens. New profiles and some extraordinary images of James Gurney and his family are included in V-A's Recent Additions.

Be sure not to miss ANY article in WGI Online Journal Volume 2, Number 3
Read about the people responsible for the aquatics displays at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and a huge variety of other great stories.

Our membership has grown to more than 1,400. We especially welcome those from Dubai and Malta, each the first from their countries, and our newest member botanic garden, the Botanic Garden of Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland. Some pictures of their ponds are here.

We are in the process of making a major update to the Aquatic & Marginal Plants section of the web site. If you have images that would enhance the galleries, please send them.

And please send us your ideas for articles in upcoming WGI Journals!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members August 10, 2007

For the first time a person appears on the cover of WGI Journal Online. Click here for
Volume 2, Number 3.

Carlos Magdalena is responsible for the aquatics displays at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, the greatest of all gardens. In this issue, read about the new energy, enthusiasm and expertise he brings to Kew's aquatics, how the 2007 displays were created, and a very funny self-profile. Dan Leighton details his daily care of Kew's Water Lily House and Noelene Pullen shares her May visit to Kew. A bonus in our "cover cluster" of articles is an extensive report of Carlos' repatriation of endangered plants to the Republic of Mauritius -- extraordinary!

This issue is so jam-packed we can't mention every article here, but you'll find wetlands preservation, hybridizing waterlilies, buying koi, new aquatic plants, new ways to display them, a mobile Victoria, a simple biological filter, competition photos and a club that saves a lagoon. And that's not all!

In other news, Bennetts Water Gardens is the first in the UK to join Truly Named, our waterlily certification program. They join the best growers and sellers worldwide.

Please send us your suggestions for improving WGI!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members July 10, 2007

Summer in the northern hemisphere has everyone outside growing pond plants like gangbusters so the news is fairly quiet. Nevertheless, and especially for you who are relatively new to water gardening, this is a great time to explore our excellent series for beginners by Joel Police. Joel, a very knowledgable pond professional, asks the questions you should as you design and build a new pond. Sometimes he answers them -- often he suggests how you can find the answers yourself. Begin here.

With the Swindells family, Charles Thomas presents a far more extensive biography of Philip Swindells than we first published. It includes new anecdotes and photos. Click here.

Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon' raised $1,500.00 for Komen for the Cure! Ryan Hughes, Wishing Well Ponds, Oklahoma City, OK USA, displays Plant 1! Denver Botanic Gardens and New York Botanical Garden are displaying Plants 2 and 3, thanks to a generous private donor.

As we work on WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 2 Number 3 (which is going to be very exciting) we invite you to check in on past issues you might have missed or want to reread. We've created a new Archive page.

New profiles, articles and galleries on Victoria-Adventure are linked here. We have completed updates to the extensive lotus and waterlily galleries so look for hundreds of new images.

Earlier this month, WGI membership passed the 1,300 milestone, with members living in 58 countries. Notice new additions to our Clubs, Botanic Gardens and Truly Named Directories.

Please send us your suggestions for articles, projects and news items important to you!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

 WGI Email Newsletter sent to members June 6, 2007

After a brief hiccup, the three Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon' plants are back on eBay. Each one is in bud or bloom and looks wonderful after being damaged by critters and then wind. For the story of this gorgeous pink hardy waterlily with pictures click here.

Keep in mind that 100% of the proceeds of these auctions go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Your bid/donation is tax deductible and your receipt will be sent through MissionFish, an eBay partner in charitible auctions. Type Nymphaea or Nymphaea Pink Ribbon into an eBay search to find all three plants.

If you haven't already read every word and been awed by every image, here is the link to
WGI Journal Online Volume 2, Number 2
Our cover story, the Samaan Grove Project, is receiving rave reviews from wetlands experts worldwide as a model for the future. It's as amazingly beautiful as it is efficient!

As you select new plants for your ponds, begin with our Truly Named members. Though the WGI certification program covers only waterlilies at this time, these TN sellers are equally scrupulous with other plants they offer, so see them for all your needs.

Terrific new profiles, articles and galleries on Victoria-Adventure are linked on Recent Additions. We are in the process of updating the lotus, waterlily and aquatic plants galleries so look for hundreds of new images, many already uploaded.

Noteworthy numbers -- Our membership has just passed 1,200 and the combined WGI/V-A web sites exceeded 1,250,000 hits in May. Help us go for a million and a half in June by using these tremendous resources every time you surf the web!

Please let us know what you would like to see in your WGI Journal in particular and on the web sites in general. Your suggestions are always welcome!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members May 10, 2007

Links are open to WGI Journal Online Volume 2, Number 2! We have something very special for you, so exceptional and extensive that much of the issue is devoted to it. Kevin Kenny, Trinidad and Tobago, Executive Manager of Angostura Resort and Property Development, chronicles the creation of amazing man-made wetlands.

As we become more aware of problems in our environment, some of us as water gardeners take an active role in conservation and wetlands protection. Kevin and his company take activism one step farther by actually incorporating an extensive wetland as an integral part of their resort development, the ultimate goal of which is to help save an endangered coral reef. Not only have they made it extremely beautiful but it has also proved profitable!

Follow the project development step by step, track the flow and see how the water is cleaned. Above all, don’t miss Kevin’s photos of the inhabitants, from magnificent waterlilies to breathtaking waterfowl. We are privileged to publish this masterwork.

Rounding out the issue --
What aquatic plant is the secret ingredient in Brazil’s favorite soft drink?
Is Nymphaea mexicana a better pod or pollen parent for hardy hybrids?
Does common sense in water gardening really exist? Here again is the link to find out!
WGI Journal Online Volume 2, Number 2

As always, if you have ideas, suggestions or stories you’d like to tell or see told, write us!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members April 10, 2007

WGI Founding Member and renowned water garden author Philip Swindells passed away in England March 29. Many of you signed the get well card that his wife Hazel printed and placed beside his bed. This page is now a memorial to Philip. If you didn’t sign the get well card and would like to add your name now, write us. Click here to see the page.

Read about Philip and his amazing accomplishments here.

Another water gardening notable, Ted Uber of Van Ness Water Gardens, died March 21. A charming tribute to Ted is here. You will learn how several waterlily cultivars were named.

Want to start a new water gardening club? Or raise the profile of one you have already organized? WGI will help! See this page.

Victoria-Adventure’s email discussion list is available to WGI members, though not mandatory. In a recent change of policy, the list is available exclusively to WGI members. Read more about it here.

Since our last update, Joel Police has sent a new installment in his excellent series for beginners

There are exciting new profiles, galleries and articles from Japan, Germany, Belgium, Colombia, Thailand, Australia and the US on our partner web site. Check out Victoria-Adventure’s Recent Additions.

When selecting your new plants, remember to start your search with Truly Named members! Get your money's worth AND support this unprecedented WGI program! If they are not already members, encourage your retailer or wholesaler to join the program so that we have truth in labeling industry-wide. Help stamp out identity theft!

What more would you like to see WGI work on? What type of articles would you like to read? Please send us your suggestions for improving WGI!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members March 10, 2007

Since our last update, membership has topped 1000, quite a milestone in just over a year of WGI’s existence. Numbers 999 and 1000 are a couple from New Zealand who, if they will send us a picture of themselves for New and News, will receive free WGI T-shirts!

We welcome all our new members but especially want to mention those from Romania, Kenya and Sri Lanka, each the first from their country.

1000 seems to be a magic number for us right now since our combined web sites now exceed 1000 megabytes of pure information and images. The sites contain nearly 18,000 pages. Search us first for the most up-to-date, accurate information on the web.

WGI Online Journal 2.1 is absolutely amazing. If you haven’t read it cover to cover, you can access it several ways –

takes you to the current cover, with links to past issues.

links to the Tables of Contents of all issues.

The index to articles by subject in all issues is here –

New on the web site is Our Adventure With Victoria 2006. This section reviews each year of their growth here in Florida with details not found elsewhere on our or any site. Galleries of our 2006 flowers are included.

From time to time, we step away from water gardening to feature extraordinary interests and pursuits of our members. Our current “Special Place” is the Palace Theater in Waterbury, Connecticut USA. WGI Member Lou Belloisy takes us through the magnificent restoration, sharing his personal experiences and breathtaking photos.

Up next are more than 300 lotus, waterlily and perennial images from Werner Wallner in Germany, some cultivars the first pictures for our galleries. Also look for an exciting new waterlily hybrid from Japan. Check Recent Additions for these links as they become available.

Sadly, we lost a water gardening pioneer February 25, Australian Lawrence Geyde. Philip Swindells continues to wage the good fight, now in England with family and friends close by.

How can we serve you better? Send us your suggestions and ideas!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members February 10, 2007

Links to WGI Journal Online Volume 2, Number 1 are now open. Ready yourself for a whirlwind trip around the world! See some of the most extraordinary places and meet some of the most amazing people on the planet! We are very proud to present our fabulous cover story in THREE languages, with two other articles in Thai and English and Spanish and English.

Another new addition to the web site is David Curtright’s excellent and very important article on Water Garden Safety. Look for the next installment of Joel Police’s popular series for Beginner water gardeners soon. Check New & News or Victoria-Adventure’s Recent Additions for the link.

The WGI Checklist continues to receive rave reviews. Only a few copies remain so order yours today. February 15, the price will go up to $50.00 for WGI members and $65.00 for non-members. Click here for ordering information.

Last Update, we asked you to grade WGI’s performance in its first year. We received only one response, from Editor-in-Chief Charles Thomas (who of course gave an A), so we will take a self-imposed “Incomplete” and keep working :>) We welcome your suggestions!

If you misplaced your codes to access the Journals and Members Only section of the web site, write and we’ll send them!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Email Newsletter sent to members January 10, 2007

January 10, 2007, WGI celebrates its first birthday! You have made it an amazing year, building our membership to more than 900 in 51 countries.

At the outset, Founding Members suggested and voted on projects for our attention. Rather than list them here, we invite you to review them and grade WGI's performance. Access the Report Card here. Please feed back with grades, comments and suggestions so that our second year is even more successful than the first. Results will be reported in the Members Only section of the web site and in the next Email Update.

As our birthday gift to non-WGI members, we are opening pages of WGI ONLINE Journal 1.1 to the general public. Check Victoria-Adventure’s Recent Additions and WGI’s New & News for links you can send friends. More articles will open throughout the month.

The printed version of the WGI Checklist of Nymphaea (Waterlily) Names is in hand! It is 188 pages, including 100 detailed descriptions each with a color photograph, the complete current list of 1,900 Nymphaea names with brief descriptions, publication information and more. To own a numbered and signed copy of this benchmark book, CLICK HERE. Take advantage of the special lower price for WGI members. You must reserve now as copies are limited.

Add a WGI T-shirt to your Checklist order or order separately! CLICK HERE.

If you have lost your codes to access the Members Only section or the Journals, write us!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

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