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WGI Update sent to members November 10, 2008

Links are open to WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 3, Number 4

Each issue, we wonder how we can top previous ones, and somehow we do. The achievements of our contributors are just awesome, and their sharing with all of us is even more so. Though we usually hit the highlights of new Journals in our updates, this time we want to mention every article.

Our cover "cluster" of stories is by Daike Tian, brand new PhD from China, who studies at Auburn University in the USA. Daike presents, previously unpublished, a review of literature of the Uses of Lotus. You will be especially interested in information about effects discovered in Chinese medicine. His thesis, Container Production and Post-harvest Handling of Lotus (Nelumbo) and Micropropagation of Herbaceous Peony (Paeonia), is linked and his experiments and lovely photos are featured.

A new WGI member from Romania recently asked us what we know about Nymphaea lotus var. thermalis, which grows in thermal springs there. "Not much," was our answer. Not a water gardener herself but with interest sparked by a visit to the habitat, Ana Veler presents the most research and information available anywhere from any source. Though probably incomplete, Ana and WGI invite input and discussion of her article that may lead to greater knowledge of this interesting relic.

It wasn't so long ago that hybrids between the waterlily subgenera were thought "impossible". Now two of our leading hybridizers, at opposite ends of the world, have unlocked the mysteries of creating these intersubgenerics, with spectacular results!

Carlos Magdalena at RBG Kew, UK, is routinely making hybrids of subgenus Anecphya and subgenus Brachyceras. See the newest, including a striking cross that is nearly white with maroon stamens.

Creator of the world's first blue hardy waterlily, Pairat Songpanich of Thailand, unveils the siblings resulting from that same cross. N. 'Siam Pink', if this can be imagined, may be an even greater achievement than 'Siam Blue Hardy'!

Li Shu-Juan at Xi'an Botanical Garden may have produced the largest Victoria pads ever grown in China. What do you think? She shares her cultivations techniques in text and pictures.

Koi expert Pam Spindola presents the first in a series about the development of koi and koi varieties, designed for the beginner koi enthusiast. She says, "Not all koi are created equal!" If koi are in your pond now or in your future, don't miss this.

Well-known author Steve Stroupe makes his debut with WGI Online. He writes about the status of a native southeastern US spider lily with his usual depth and -- shall we say -- characteristic irreverent wit :>) His daughter's reward for posing with a stand of cahaba lilies may surprise you.

Always a favorite contributor, Rich Sacher explores possible causes and results of fasciation, "witch's broom", in tropical waterlilies. See this strange growth type and what Rich does with it.

Pat Clifford in Scotland sheds a tear or two writing about the end of his aquatic season at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Can you figure out what is different in his 2007 and 2008 Victorias?

Who knew that St. Paul, Minnesota USA, has a garden and zoo with an amazing Victorian-style glasshouse and returns an extensive outdoor collection of Victorias to its display? Soni Forsman takes us there.

Alexis America, Hawaii USA, has a rare talent for watercolor and we are very lucky that she chooses waterlilies and lotuses as her subjects. Her gallery illustrates how she builds her paintings light to dark with luminous results.

Anchoring this issue, Dave Brigante takes us to three eye-popping public gardens in Portland, Oregon USA. Tranquility, majesty, artistry, and water everywhere. Can you pick a favorite?

Again, the link to all these extraordinary articles is --
WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 3, Number 4

Tell your story! We welcome contributions and suggestions from all of you!

To waterlily hybridizers, deadline for inclusion in the 2008 Supplement to the WGI Register is December 10. We start work on it this week so, if you can get your forms and images in early, please do so!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members October 10, 2008

Correcting our September Update, the deadline for inclusion in the 2008 Supplement to the WGI Waterlily Register and Checklist is December 10, a month later than previously announced. We want to include everyone's new cultivars so gather your pictures and measurements!

The reason for this change is that publication date of the next WGI Online is November 10 and we'd like some space between deadlines :>) The issue is shaping up to be an exciting one, with fascinating research about lotuses, almost incredible new intersubgeneric waterlily hybrids, and an ancient aquatic relic in Romania, to name a few topics.

In the meantime, read every page of WGI Online 3.3 that you might have missed and don't forget we have an index to all Journal articles.

Over on Victoria-Adventure find several stunning new galleries and profiles including the legendary Norman Bennett, updated waterlily galleries and names, improved navigation in the Victoria image section, and a list with links of all waterlily competition results we can find.

If you have suggestions for articles, news, events for the calendar, club and garden profiles, and ideas for improvements we can make, please send them!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director 

WGI Update sent to members September 10, 2008

The cover story of WGI Online 3.3 has sparked even more interest in the miniature tropical waterlily species, N. minuta and the Australian N. nouchali.

By way of our email discussion list Walter Pagels has made seeds of N. minuta available to those interested in growing it. He and several other list members are making regular reports of seedling growth in text and images. We hope to have this step-by-step tutorial on the web site in the near future.

You'll also find many other fantastic articles, images and profiles in this issue of WGI Online!

This is the time for you to assemble pictures and measurements of your new waterlilies for inclusion in our 2008 Supplement to the WGI Register and Checklist as well as on line. This link will take you the Registry main page. Deadline for inclusion is November 10.

Though tropical weather events have limited the time available for our usual output of new material on the web sites, look for several new galleries and profiles in Recent Additions, and look around the sites for pages you may have missed! There are so many even your webmaster forgets what's there!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director 

WGI Update sent to members August 10, 2008

We begin this update quoting Rich Sacher from WGI Online 3.1:

"Will (Nymphaea) minuta be the parent we have been looking for in our quest for dwarf tropical lilies? We don't ask for much … just lots of flowers … with lots of petals … in many different colors … and nicely variegated leaves … on a small plant that is easy to grow. Wouldn't it be great if all these big dreams come true because of an ordinary little lily called minuta?"

Links to WGI Online 3.3 are now open! Our cover story offers an in depth look at the miniature tropical waterlily species, N. minuta and the Australian N. nouchali. Where do they come from? How do you grow them? Where do they take us? Leading experts contribute to this definitive assemblage of articles. AND THEN! How about Australian-type flowers on plants you can grow in a teacup? Astounding first generation hybrids round out the "cluster" of cover stories. Also in this issue, find a variety of fabulous articles and images from around the world plus two new profiles.

We would like to build on our marginal plants section so have a request! We'd like each of you to select your favorite marginal plant and send us a little profile of it. Include your location, why you like it, how you grow it, and a picture or two. This doesn't need to be at all professional or polished -- send us the information and we'll do the rest!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director 

WGI Update sent to members July 10, 2008

Dr. Kirk Strawn passed away June 9, 2008, in Deland, Florida USA. He was 86. "Legendary" doesn't begin to describe Kirk. "Revolutionary" comes close in his accomplishments in hardy waterlily hybridization. See his profile HERE and James Knock's breathtaking tribute to his hybrids HERE.

Our membership now approaches 1,850 individuals, botanical gardens and clubs in 70 countries! Help us reach 2,000 before our third birthday by sending this link to friends --
If you want to check out the membership list (recently divided again for shorter download) use your usual codes to access it via Members Exclusive.

The next WGI Online is in the works! While we get it ready, you can review every outstanding issue from the Journal Archive or view the Index of Articles by Subject.

For those in the northern hemisphere, PLEASE photograph your gardens and plants while they are at their summer best for inclusion on the web sites, in galleries or features. In the southern hemisphere, stay warm and think of the articles and photos you can share with us when we are cold!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director 

WGI Update sent to members June 5, 2008

The cover story of our newest WGI Online Journal, in which Pairat Songpanich, Thailand, introduces Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy' has, as expected, has rocked the waterlily world. If somehow you missed it, or any of the other terrific articles, CLICK HERE.

In May, the combined Victoria-Adventure and WGI web sites eclipsed all previous statistics, receiving more than one and one half million hits, more than 500,000 pageviews and more than 100,000 user sessions. Especially for those who have been with us from the beginning, who would ever have expected we could grow like this? Congratulations and thanks to all our contributors and readers for making us the premier water gardening site on the web.

For the newest articles, CLICK HERE.

We are already building the next Journal issue -- if you have an article for it or an idea for one, please send it! To whet your appetite, the cover story will explore the miniature tropicals and where they may take us!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members May 10, 2008

We are sending this update and opening links to the new WGI Online Journal earlier than usual because we have news that can't wait!

In our cover story, Pairat Songpanich, Thailand, introduces Nymphaea 'Siam Blue Hardy', the world's first blue hardy waterlily. Our congratulations to Pairat on this monumental achievement!

The entire issue is full of great information and dazzling images -- some humor too. Don't miss a single page.

Over on Victoria-Adventure, find the long-awaited History of Hybrid Waterlilies Part 2 - The French and the Americans, as well as gallery updates and other new articles.

Send us your comments, suggestions and ideas!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members April 10, 2008

Every year since we began building the web sites, Werner Wallner has sent us a large collection of waterlily, lotus and marginal plant images from his extraordinary nursery in Bavaria. He is probably the single greatest contributor of images, especially of aquatic, marginal and moisture loving plants, to our galleries. As we add this year's photos to the sites, here is a page of some of our favorites -- "Bouquet from Bavaria"

Thanks to Werner and to Li ShuJuan from China, we have tripled the number of images in the Lotus Cultivar Galleries and all these are now linked from Lotus Names.

Spring is upon us in the northern hemisphere and many of you are considering your new plants for 2008. Be sure to start with our Truly Named Members. Even though our members certify only waterlilies through the WGI program, they are equally as careful with the identity of all the plants they offer.

If you are thinking about new or refitted ponds, consult Joel Police's excellent series for Beginners (even the experienced can learn from these articles). Also take heed of David Curtright's thoughts on Pond Safety.

With the next Journal in the works, please review WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 3, Number 1
in case you missed any of it. Several articles will have sequels in 3.2. For all previous Journals see the Archive. We find the quality and variety of articles and images in just over two years astounding!

Write us with your suggestions and ideas!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members March 10, 2008

We welcome two new Truly Named Certifying Members, Springtime Nursery and Rosepond Aquatics. In your search for new plants, start with all our Truly Named members. They offer a wide variety of choices and, best of all, you will get what you order!

Don't miss a page of WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 3, Number 1! Mérida, Yucatán, México's Aquaparque headlines, and you'll find a wide variety of other topics in the issue. Plus lots of pretty pictures!

WGI has a new and interesting member, the International Pond Contractors Association. Author of our excellent series for Beginner Water Gardeners Joel Police is in the process of formulating a proposal for IPPCA establishing standards for the industry. To contribute your thoughts, write Joel at finsandflowers@comcast.net with Industry Standards in the subject line. You don't have to be a pond professional to provide your input. Tell Joel the good and bad you've experienced with ponds!

Over on Victoria-Adventure, we have a terrific new profile of Pablo Maccor and Soledad Dethiou, Argentina, and their nursery Panambi. Check in on aquatic nurseryman Jack Wood and the rattlesnake (fish and waterlilies too) and Pam Spindola's tour of the Getty Villa in California USA.

We have finally put up our personal Adventure with Victoria 2007 -- a weird year -- though it is ongoing. We have a little V. 'Adventure' flower open right now on a fall-installed plant. Our favorite Victoria images from 2007 are linked.

Are we doing a good job for you? Can we improve? Write us! And send us your story ideas for upcoming Journals!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members February 10, 2008

It's ready! Links to WGI ONLINE Journal Volume 3, Number 1 are open! Our cover story is Mérida, Yucatán, México's dazzling new Aquaparque, the first public park in México dedicated to water plants. You'll find Fernando Molina's terrific account in English and Spanish.

From our varied array of articles, here is a key word from each -- impossible, Zuk, reciprocal, elastomer, raingarden, truly, koi, adventure, bankruptcy, bugs, diary, sunken, lusty, celebrate. Whatever your special interest, one of our outstanding contributors has written about it!

In other news, Lilypons Water Gardens offers Nymphaea 'Pink Ribbon' retail for 2008 with $10 of every plant sold donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Reserve your plant now! If somehow you have missed the story of 'Pink Ribbon' and how it was named click here.

Two outstanding growers have joined Truly Named Certifying Members, Lone Star Aquatic Nursery
and Utopia Aquatic. Begin the search for your 2008 plants with all our Truly Named members. They are the best in the world!

We congratulate the Colorado Water Garden Society, the first such society in the world and WGI founding member, on its Silver Anniversary! See the Message from Editor-in-Chief Charles B. Thomas in the new Journal for more.

Upcoming on Victoria-Adventure is our personal Adventure with Victoria 2007 -- a weird year -- with observations, experiments and many new pix! Check for its upload in Recent Additions.

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome -- write us!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI Update sent to members January 10, 2008

It's our second birthday! In two short years we have built one extraordinary web site --
and expanded another --
published eight issues of our fabulous WGI ONLINE Journal --
http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/journal/archive.html --
brought you many sources for Truly Named waterlilies --
and much more.

We have grown to more than 1,550 members in 67 countries. We thank each and every one of you for your contribution to our success! And we invite your critique and input.

As we did this time last year, we will open an issue of WGI ONLINE to the public throughout the month a few articles at a time. Send your non-member friends here for a taste of what we offer --

Volume 3 Number 1 is already in preparation but be sure to enjoy WGI ONLINE, Volume 2 Number 4 –
The Nelumbo collection at Xi'an Botanical Garden in China headlines with many other terrific articles from around the world. To locate articles in all issues, click here --

The 2007 Supplement to the landmark WGI Register & Checklist of Waterlily Names is on the way back from the printer. It is 32 pages with 25 new registered cultivars, each with a detailed description and a color photograph, new in 2007 Nymphaea names with brief descriptions, $10.00 plus postage for WGI members. Click here for ordering instructions --

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

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