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WGI February Update

The February issue of WGI Online is ready here.

In our cover story, koi expert Pam Spindola takes us on a dream trip to Japan, exploring gardens, vistas, the culture, delicious food, and some of the most gorgeous koi you have ever seen. Prepare to be transported to a beautiful world most of us haven't experienced!

At the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Australia, Jeremy Prentice relates the resurrection of a nineteenth century volcano as a green feature in the garden. Volcano in Melbourne, Australia, you ask? Check it out!

Always experimenting, Rich Sacher tries some different techniques for dwarfing waterlilies, with the goal of small plants with big flowers. See if you have some thoughts about this becoming an interactive experiment. (At this point I have to inject a few personal words about the New Orleans Saints. As a huge Colts fan, I was disappointed for them in the Super Bowl but have to be thrilled for New Orleans. The city and the team have beaten all the odds in a stunning comeback, Rich, friends, family, and business as part of that. Who can not be proud of them?)

From Thailand, we have a look at the economic development of lotuses in Thailand. Beginning with field collecting, Dr. Slearmlarp Wasuwat tells us about their cultivation as well. Craig Presnell brings us some unusual tropicals for around the pond. Steve Stroupe has an epilog for the investigation of the sick pond in Texas that might as well be called Dead Sea II.

Kathy Biggs shows us how to design a pond for wildlife in part 2 of her series. While Dave Brigante takes us to the aquatic candy store, Pat Clifford spills the dirt on RBGE. And dirt is the basis of Jamie Creamer's story on lotus as a money crop for Alabama USA. Charles Leach offers another non-invasive alternative for invasive aquatics.

WGI Online 4.4 was the first issue we presented with every article available in Spanish, as we do this issue. Thanks then and now to Daniel Flouret of Argentina! WGI Online 5.1 has a table of contents in Spanish linked from the cover. Several articles are not yet available but will be in a few days. If you find problems with the links Spanish to English, or English to Spanish, or between the tables of contents, please let me know.

The 2009 Supplement to the WGI Waterlily Registry is back from the printer so reserve your copy here. You can also see the 34 newly registered cultivars here.

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

WGI January Update

We actually saw snow in Cocoa Beach, Florida USA, today so like most of you in the northern hemisphere we are holed up inside. This is a great time to web surf and we suggest you start with the WGI and Victoria-Adventure sites! The current issue of WGI Online is here -- http://www.watergardenersinternational.org/journal/4-4/cover.html -- but don't forget back issues either by way of the Journal Archive, or indexed by subject and by author.

The 2009 Supplement to the WGI Waterlily Registry will be back from the printer any day so reserve your copy here. You can also see the 34 newly registered cultivars here.

On Victoria-Adventure, we have completed updates to the waterlily cultivar galleries and the waterlily names lists. The names update includes valuable new information about some older Japanese cultivars and the work of W.B. Shaw and his daughter Helen Fowler.

We have new profiles of Huang Guozhen of China and Warner Orozco-Obando of Costa Rica and the USA linked from Water Gardening Friends.

You should take this weather-imposed hibernation to begin dreaming of the plants you want for spring in the extensive plant galleries linked from both sites!

Suggestions are always welcome!

Kit Knotts
Executive Director

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