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Courtesy of Water Gardeners International (WGI), you are entering a web site loaded with information about all aspects of water gardening. Whatever your level of interest and expertise, we guarantee we have something exciting to share with you. In the various sections you will find numerous articles and extensive image galleries providing "how to" tips, plant identification and cultivation as well just plain pretty pictures. Notable hybridizers, collectors, scientists, growers and hobbyist water gardeners fill our Friends section.

What began as our personal web site providing extensive information about the genus Victoria, launched in November 2001, soon expanded to other areas of water gardening. Friends began to offer articles and images and before long water gardening experts from around the world became participants. Today the site seems to have a life of its own and is growing faster than we ever imagined it could. We welcome the contribution of articles, images, profiles, ideas and corrections.

Access the various sections of the site by clicking on the images above or in the links bar at the bottom of this page, which also appears on most pages. If you just want to check in on new items, click on New This Month wherever you see it. The Search The Site feature will return every reference on the site to key words or names of plants and people.

Kit and Ben Knotts, Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA kit@victoria-adventure.org

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