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Nymphaea 'Mangkala Ubol'
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Kit Knotts serves as your enthusiastic unpaid volunteer Executive Director. We have no officers or board of directors. Members make WGI decisions by online ballot with results posted in the Members Only section of our web site the day after each poll closes.

We list members' names, cities, states/provinces and countries in the Members Only section. To protect members' privacy, we do not include more specific addresses. No spam or advertising of any kind result from your membership in WGI.

If several members of your household, water-gardening-related organization or business are interested in water gardening, each person should join individually. This way every opinion is heard. Organization and business names are included after individual names if requested. We offer special membership listings with logos and links for organizations, such as botanic and public gardens and local and regional clubs and societies, having an interest in water gardening.

Victoria-Adventure.org serves as the informational/educational arm of WGI. Receiving over one and one quarter million hits monthly, the V-A/WGI sites feature the web's most extensive information on all aspects of water gardening. V-A provides its email discussion list for use by WGI. Membership in the list is optional but you must be a WGI member to subscribe. V-A is independent of but synergistic with WGI.

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-- type into it, then click Send. Or print the page and mail it to Kit Knotts, WGI, 2211 S. Atlantic Av, Cocoa Beach FL 32931 USA. All suggestions and opinions you send are read and recorded by hand. Information is NOT collected automatically. Your input is extremely valuable so please write as freely as you'd like.

To copy and paste, place the cursor at the beginning of the text in the box below. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to the end of the text in the box. This will highlight the text. Place the cursor somewhere on the highlighted text and click the right mouse button. From the dialog box that appears, select "Copy". In the blank email, click the right mouse button and select "Paste" from the box. If you have any difficulty, write us.

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